Education in UK

Education is an important part of British life. There are hundreds of schools, colleges and universities, including some of the most famous in the world. England education lets you shape your study to suit your needs - a freedom that is combined with the England’s  long tradition of excellence and innovative approach to teaching at every level.

Being independent when you study England  isn’t just about living away from home. Whatever England course you study, you will be encouraged to think for yourself and create your own ideas. An England education will help you gain confidence in your own abilities and equip you with valuable language, creative, analytical and research skills that employers look for.

Close contact between students and tutors is a particular strength of all England courses. Institutions in the England also provide excellent English language support for international students. Many offer English classes that focus on the language and study skills you will need to successfully complete your main course.


Postgraduate programmes in the England

If you study as a England postgraduate student, most of the work you do will be on your own initiative, which really develops your thinking and research skills. On taught courses, postgraduate tutors and lecturers provide the framework of the course, but you are encouraged to pursue your own interests. With postgraduate research programmes, the principal teaching method is original research, completed under academic supervision.

Many England postgraduate research programmes offer introductory taught courses that provide training in research skills. This will help you prepare for the advanced research you’ll need to do.

MBA courses in the England

Master of Business Administration (MBA) courses in the England are a particularly intensive, challenging and rewarding form of taught postgraduate course. You’ll be expected to work through a large amount of material, complete projects and assignments and give regular presentations. Teaching methods characteristic of MBAs include case studies, simulations and business games.

England undergraduate degree courses

England degree programmes can be tailored to your interests. Although some core topics on your undergraduate degree will be compulsory, you can also choose from optional modules. This gives you the opportunity to specialise in key areas that could help you achieve your career goals.

Lectures are an important part of England undergraduate courses, but you’ll spend most of your time in small tutorial and seminar groups. Together with your tutor and fellow students, you will discuss and analyse pre-prepared topics. Here you will find your ideas and opinions are very welcome.

If you choose a technical undergraduate degree subject in the England, you are likely to spend a large portion of your time in supervised laboratory work. This is designed to help you develop necessary technical skills.

English language courses in the England

The England is the home of the English language and there is a long tradition of teaching English in the England to speakers of other languages. Any school you choose will have experience of working with international students.

England English language courses are available at all levels. They provide as much or as little support as you need. Class sizes are small too, so teaching staff can pay close attention to your learning needs.

You’ll be encouraged to communicate from the moment you enter the classroom. The wide range of creative teaching methods for English Language courses in the England include:

  • games
  • role-playing exercises
  • problem-solving
  • group discussions.

You will also be able to use technology and language laboratories to study independently.


England independent schools and colleges

Independent boarding schools in the England are well-known for the quality of their teaching and excellent facilities. You can expect to be taught in a small group, where your teacher will give you all the individual attention you need. Independence, sociability and a love of learning are all gained from studying at England independent schools.

England career-based and pre-university courses

When you study a career-based course in the England you are encouraged to take responsibility for your own studies. You might find yourself working on projects with other students, spending time in college libraries or being assessed through practical demonstrations. Your England course will combine practical skills with a sound academic underpinning, all geared towards a particular career or job.