Study in the UK

England  is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. It shares land borders with Scotland to the north and Wales to the west.

The opportunities are endless when you decide to take your studies “across the pond” to the beautiful country of England! Whether you’re looking for the crazy city life of universities in the heart of London, or you’d prefer a less populous city like Plymouth, Birmingham, or Manchester, studying in England will give you the experience of a lifetime. In between your studies, find yourself wandering through the countless museums of London, exploring Buckingham Palace and the surrounding gardens, or taking day trips to the beautiful city of Bath and the ancient site of Stonehenge. Or maybe you’d prefer the photographic tour around Big Ben, Parliament, and Westminster Abby. No matter which region of England you choose for your study abroad experience, you will not be disappointed.

Many students choose to study in England because they believe it will be similar enough to life back home. But it is important to realize, that while the US and UK share many similarities between language, pop culture, and history, England is a world entirely separate from the US.
Embracing a new culture is thrilling and exiting, no matter which part of England you find yourself in. After your experience studying in England, you’ll return home with a heap of new stories and memories, a boost for your resume for future employers, and a deep appreciation of a culture and lifestyle that varies from your own. And it’s no wonder you’ll find yourself wanting to return!